Commercial and Municipal Loans 
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For more information please call our Commercial Lending Department: 
Fielding Moore 
President & CEO 
(508) 627-1122 or via email 
    •      Rates starting as low as 3.00%*  
    •      Rates starting as low as 4.00%**  
Short term commercial rates: 
                 3.00%           3.50%             4.00% 
Interest Only: 
@ 30 days $25.00    $29.17    $33.33     
Commercial real estate mortgage rates: 
                 4.00%    4.50%             5.00% 
P & I per 
@ 20 years $609.02   $636.15   $663.94 
Edgartown National Bank offers loans to assist you with the purchase of equipment, the financing of short term seasonal working capital loans, the purchase of commercial real estate and its improvements, and to finance longer term retail space improvements.  
We offer competitive, flexible rates and terms to assist you with the purchase of either owner-occupied or investment commercial properties.  We also finance the re-write of existing commercial loans as well as construction costs to improve property and help you maximize the return on your investment. 
We make construction loans available for new construction and the renovation of existing properties at competitive rates and terms.  These construction funds can also be used to upgrade or expand the real estate. 
Edgartown National Bank provides short term seasonal working capital loans to fund inventory acquisition in the spring and/or assist with cash flow issues that develop during the off season. 
We provide standby letters of credit to guarantee payments assuring suppliers that you will fulfill the term of the contract or agreement.  
Calculate your loan payments & loan amounts with our Amortizing Loan Calculator. (For illustration purposes only. The principal and interest payment will vary slightly for commercial loans.) 
* For qualified borrowers for short term borrowings. 
** For qualified borrowers and commercial real estate transactions. 

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