At Edgartown National Bank, we have products to fit your needs for purchasing a car, a boat, funding your child's education, or even a home improvement project! 
Please contact one of our Loan Originators to review your needs and apply for your loan. 
Contact us or apply online.  
Tilma Zyla  
Vice President/Retail Branch Administration and Loan Originator 
508-627-1118 or via email  
NMLS # 1167104 
Danielle Lecoq  
Branch Manager & Officer and Loan Originator  
508-627-1140 or via email  
NMLS # 1246130 
Veronica Fullin 
Branch Manager & Officer and Loan Originator 
508-696-0974 or via email 
NMLS # 1457181 
Ana Ilievska 
Branch Manager & Officer and Loan Originator 
508-693-7800 or via email 
NMLS # 1391782 

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