Please contact us for information on these and other products that we offer. Or apply online. 
To speak with one of our Mortgage Loan Officers please call: 
John D. Washbrook at (508) 627-1123 or 888-627-1123 or via email 
Dee Lander at (508) 627-1161 or via email 
Free Pre- Qualification 
Get pre qualified to purchase a property.   This will not only target the loan amount that would be financially comfortable for you, but will strengthen your buying power. 
Fixed Rate Mortgage 
With a fixed mortgage the interest rate is locked for the life of the loan. 
Adjustable Rate Mortgages 
Adjustable rate loans are fixed for an initial period and then adjust yearly based on an index like LIBOR. 
Jumbo Mortgages 
Fixed and Adjustable loans as mentioned above are available for Jumbo loans. 
Campground Loans 
Financing for Martha's Vineyard Camp Meeting Association properties is available. 
Land Loans 
We will finance your purchase of land. Your equity in land can be used as part or all of your down payment when you are ready to build  
Construction/Permanent Loans 
An Adjustable Rate Mortgage that allows you to draw only on the amount needed during the building process. This saves you interest on the balance of the un-expended funds. 

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